Increase your sales performance by data analytics and AI

Discover how to use AI to reach the right leads, faster closing and increasing your sales. Learn more about what Dynamics 365 Sales Insights could bring to you.  

Are you addressing poor statistics for managing sales teams and activities? Business forecasts for the next period are just unlimited and unsubstantiated data? Communication with customers is hectic and no one remembers the content of the last communication? Don't know which business opportunity to pursue first and which likely to close?  

That will be end of it, thanks to use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools. Use data to your advantage, inscrease sales and get statisfied customers.  

Speed up sales based on statistics

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights (SI) is using AI (artificial intelligence) to accelerate sales, improve communication, automate tasks, guide organizations to proactivaly seize opportunities at the right time and in the right context. SI features can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. With insightful information, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enables everyone in the sales organization to be more productive, agile, and customer-focused - ultimately closing more deals faster.  

To keep up with the ever-changing world of business, take advantage of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, which brings together sales intelligence through Dynamics 365, communication through Microsoft Outlook, collaboration through Microsoft Teams, and transforms sales with the power of AI and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Predictive sales forecasting with AI

New possibilities are brought by the functionality of the Sales Insights module, specifically Premium Forecasting, which uses AI to help users analyze and predict the development of their sales in the coming period. 

Increase accuracy by adding predictive prognosis generated for each retailer. Reduce errors and biases with AI-driven forecasts that take into account signals from the active sales channel and historical performance. Clearly track and analyze pipeline changes with reports and deal flow visualization.  

Artificial intelligence learns from user behaviour and then builds its predictions on this behaviour and results. Specifically, the prediction reflects the expected return on opportunities, based on previous wins, losses and the number of open opportunities. As well as "taking into account" how often a trader moves the estimated closing date of an opportunity back in time, or how much they "overstate" the actual closing date.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

  • Prioritize tasks based on the likelihood of turning a potential customer into an opportunity. 

  • Reduce manual data entry with suggested actions, such as automatically populating email templates or contextual prompts to update or create account records. 

  • Use the mobile app to work on the go and manage your communications no matter where you are. 

  • Manage your sales team better by clearly interpreting sales data and using resources based on salesperson engagement and productivity metrics. 

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