Analyse data and build customized applications using Microsoft Power Platform

With the Power Platform discover the possibilities of checking your data through clear reports, creating your own applications and websites without the need for coding. 

Power Apps

Would you like to use your own apps for work, but lack coding skills? Power Apps are low-code/no-code applications that you yourself can create. You have a suitable type of application generated on top of the data source and then adjust it according to your needs by using ready-made templates.

The application allows you to create a wide range of scenarios to cover all corporate agendas. This will enable you to digitally transform outdated or inflexible processes or those that often experience errors. The apps are available on all devices and you can interconnect them with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 3655.

Power BI

Evaluate large volumes of data quickly and easily. Power BI interconnects data from various business systems to one place and creates clear, up-to-date reports from them. Then you can easily browse the reports using intuitive tools to obtain an accurate overview of your data in real-time. Your data is safe with data security features and real-time access monitoring.

Power Automate

Save time and automate tasks across your organization with digital processes. Without knowing code, you can transform manual processes into automated processes in Power Automate. You can automate, e.g. approval processes, handing over documents or sending information emails about the status of your orders to customers.

Power Virtual Agents

Integrate chatbots into the products and services you use every day and respond to ‘customers' requests even faster. 

With Power Virtual Agents, you can create a chatbot of your choice. Chatbots complete actions using Power Automate, so no coding or AI knowledge is required. Hand over routine tasks to a chatbot and free up your ‘employees' time for priority tasks.

You can also create a chatbot by adding the Power Virtual Agents app from the Microsoft Teams App Store to your Teams account.

Power Pages

Want to create a business website but lack coding skills? Would you like to collect useful business data with the help of Microsoft Dataverse? Power Pages offers you all this and more. All you have to do is prepare the website content and use the templates and page designs to build a professional company website, where you will then enter the created content.

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Microsoft Power Platform is more than just a collection of its parts. Bring them together – connect Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and hundreds of other applications to create a comprehensive solution. We will be happy to help you with everything!

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