Teams applications as a powerful tool for all corporate agendas

Do you want to accelerate your work and reduce the errors of your employees? Do you solve the innovation of all processes and would like to customize the agenda to your needs? Integrate all data into Teams!

MS Teams as a co-working space for communication and collaboration

Do you use Teams only for chat and calls? The app can offer you so much more. We will show you how to use Teams as a central place for your employees to communicate and collaborate. In one place, you can collect not only all the communication of the team, but also all the documents you need for the work of your teams, whether it is a project team, a sales team or other teams across the company.

Place your Power Apps applications on the team in Teams, pin the necessary files, forms or intranet and information web feeds. In short, everything you need for work.


ACtive FAQ app – frequently asked questions and answers

Don't your employees know how to deal with something? Are you looking for a more efficient way to answer questions for employees without having to search for them or ask their colleagues? Have you considered recording them in Excel spreadsheets? But searching for them takes a lot of time and energy, and time is something we all have little of nowadays.

Therefore, we have prepared the ACtive FAQ application for you, which you can integrate directly into the channel in MS Teams allowing access to all of your employees. They find the answer to their question very quickly, by simply searching for it using a keyword. If they don't know a keyword, the questions are sorted into categories, so employees can intuitively find the answers directly in the category of which they are interested. Besides other things, you can also add links to instructions or a link to the company portal to the FAQ application.

Security for Education application

Employee training is a long-term process and it is essential to keep employees up-to-date. The Security application, which is also integrated into the MS Teams environment, is designed to educate employees in the field of cyber security. The goal of the training is to teach employees about basic security rules, such as the use of passwords, to familiarize them with cybercrime or phishing practices.

There are several training modules in the application, and at the end of each module, the employee receives a quiz test that serves as acknowledged feedback. A manager can monitor how his employees are doing. You can also put up-to-date security articles in the app so that your employees’ education in this area is of interest to them and responsive to current threats.

Are you interested in our applications? We have another AC solution for you!

  • ACtive Onboarding - support the onboarding process of new employees and give them important information
  • ACtive Reception - manage the distribution of received and sent mail from severeal receptions in different locations
  • ACtive Workflow - get a smart solution for fast and direct approval of orders, contracts, invoices and other corporate documents


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