Document Management System

We help customers efficiently and transparently work with documents and save time. We make it possible to fulfill the principle of electronic document circulation by supporting processes and workflow following legal requirements and solutions that support trusted storage.

With our products, companies gain control over their documents and can use them to support their business and critical activities' performance. Our solutions are mainly based on the technology of IBM, Microsoft, and Nintex. The customers we have ready-made modular solutions for in this area include many small and medium-sized companies and corporations and large organizations involved in government or public administration.

Documents, contracts, workflow

Document management is a tool for managing documents such as contracts, standards, and regulations. It also helps to control contract circulation and its reminding and approving.
Thanks to process automation and workflow, companies can increase their efficiency and achieve significant savings.

Biometric signature, trusted storage

With a biometric signature, the number of paper documents could be reduced, and the processes will speed up. Our solution, called trusted storage, will help you with secure document storage and archiving.
We also offer filing services to allow you to have all documents in one place. 

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