DataSpring Cloud Services

Division DataSpring Cloud Services, part of the AUTOCONT Enterprise Business Unit, provides and develops cloud services that AUTOCONT has acquired with the acquisition of DataSpring.

Features and benefits of services

We provide customers with extensive IT environments with a wide range of tailor-made services. We support complex projects, including connections with customers' local environment or the Azure ecosystem, and offer a platform for creating and running enterprise applications in containers, SQL Enterprise database in the form of service or housing in own data centre.

What we offer in this area

We provide professional cloud IT infrastructure services for computing, storage, and backup in two modern data centres. As a service, we offer the database and infrastructure for connectivity and security. We provide a self-service cloud service pleAzureStack. We also offer other software as a service or data centre services in the form of housing or bare metal. Everything is complemented by our professional services – consulting, migration or servicedesk.

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