ICT security consulting services

Information and communication technologies in an organization must be an effective means, not an obstacle to work. Therefore, it is essential to establish acceptable principles for their correct and safe use and find a balance between the number of implemented security features and a secured system's usability. The goal is to have a security strategy and information security management based on risk and impact analyses.

Our security projects focus most often on different types of audits and compliance assessments, personal information protection, continuity strategies and plans, and various security testing types.

IT security strategy

IT security strategy protects the company from important data and information leaking. The aim is to identify the threats and eliminate them.

Information Security Management (ISMS)

Information Security Management (ISMS) significantly influences a company's business. Thus, ISMS implementation is essential for companies that want a unified and systematic approach to data and ICT protection.

Risk and impact analysis

Risk and impact analysis evaluates the company's assets we want to protect and suggests efficient measures to minimize the potential damage.

Security audits

Security audits then assess the compatibility between the security system and the implemented security policy or chosen standard or norm (e.g., ISO 27001).

Safety documentation

Safety documentation is a set of principles and rules that determine the fundamental aspects of security.

Compliance, certification

Preparation for compliance and certification is a specific audit focused on assessing compliance with the EU Regulation (GDPR).

Business continuity services

The aim is to prevent a company from stoping the companies activities in case of severe mistakes and catastrophes and eliminate the consequences to an acceptable level.

Updates, Patch management

Updates and Patch management is essential to protect a company from attacks. When a potential mistake is identified, there is a need to shorten the time between correction and implementation. 

Vulnerability and penetration tests

Vulnerability and penetration tests identify the possibility of the security systems' penetrability and provide a background for risk analysis.

Security education

Security education of users has to be provided regularly to prevent risks associated with human errors. 

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