Connecting a new e-shop with ERP for Pumpa - a pump manufacturer

The objective of the project was to modernize the Pumpa company e-shop by using Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sitecore Experience Platform to make it more user-friendly.

Case study

Migration of FISCHER travel agency data to the data centre

Thanks to the portfolio of DataSpring services, the FISCHER group increased the guarantee of availability of information systems.

Case study

Cloud solution S/4 HANA for Marvinpac

Within the S/4 HANA project, we participated in a cloud and implementation solution in which all processes will take one place.

System development for CGM MEDISTAR

DataSpring has procured and developed all technological security for the CGM MEDISTAR system operation. It is an innovative step in e-health, which will support medical clinics in the Czech Republic.

Case study

IT infrastructure and key applications in the cloud for ČSA

Thanks to cloud services, the administration costs of the entire IT environment have been significantly reduced. All this with high availability, deployment speed, and service administration in Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 brings great benefits for Brno

Thanks to the solution, user approaches were unified across the individual city districts. It has brought several benefits, such as reducing administrative burden or monitoring the number and structure of granted licenses.

IT services outsourcing for AGC Glass Europe

The company AGC received a comprehensive solution of project requirements by integrating operating support and having transparent costs for IT management, antivirus system, and Office 365 environment.

Building an intranet on the M365/SharePoint Online platform for PNS

The intranet was developed to connect teams and the whole organization, replacing the existing on-premise solution. The company processes were streamlined by materials sharing and applications on internal websites and portals.

IT infrastructure operation in the cloud for ALCASYS

Customer service 24 hours a day on the infrastructure without failures, guaranteeing the required performance, capacity, and speed of response.

Server infrastructure in AC cloud for Demos Trade

The company Demos Trade decided for its corporate infrastructure to switch to an AC cloud environment. Secure, virtual, and private data center with high availability of 99,999%.

Infrastructure for SAP HANA in the cloud for OKAY

OKAY switched to the new SAP S4 platform using the HANA database located in the server memory. The platform ensures high availability, reliability, and security with the possibility of growth without an initial investment.

Virtual data center with a security solution for FIEGE company

Increasing the stability and economic efficiency of IT systems' operation, greater flexibility for the branch office network's possible growth, obtaining security standards.

Case study

The conception of using Office 365 in Meopta-Optika company

The company started to use the Office 365 tools fully, the optimal way of cooperation in teams and naming and understanding the main benefits of each role was set.

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