Security and remote administration of thousands of mobile facilities at the Census 2021

As part of the Census 2021, AUTOCONT also implemented part of the central control of the commissioners' devices as a service. IBM MaaS360 technology was used to manage and secure 10 000 devices.

IT services outsourcing for AGC Glass Europe

The company AGC received a comprehensive solution of project requirements by integrating operating support and having transparent costs for IT management, antivirus system, and Office 365 environment.

Ensuring restaurants' IT service and introducing The McDonald's self-service kiosks

Increasing customers' maximal comfort by replacing the cash desks with self-service kiosks minimized possible negative impacts of human factors. All changes were implemented during full operation and with minimal errors.

Ensuring cyber security supervision for Česká zbrojovka a.s.

Advanced security supervision service ensures preventive and defense provisions that can identify the real threats almost in real-time, readily react, and restore the IT sources' credibility.

Security supervision in Tescoma s.r.o.

The advanced security supervision service significantly increases cybersecurity, accelerates the remedy, and helps the company's IT sources credibility recovery. 

Security supervision for Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s.

Kofola has significantly increased its security without investing in the implementation of robust software systems, seeking or training security specialists, and addressing their substitutability.

Supercomputers virtualization and backup infrastructure in the IT4Innovations center

Building a support infrastructure for the national supercomputer center - hardware service support for the Anselm supercomputer, implementing virtualization and backup infrastructure for the Salomon supercomputer.

Outsourcing of IT equipment support services at ČSOB

Contract for the provision of IT equipment support services at the head office and branches of the bank, ČSOB poisťovna and ČSOB leasing. The customer has thus secured services for its more than 2,500 users.

Outsourcing of reprographic services for the Agricultural Paying Agency

The service includes the comprehensive provision of reprographic and printing services for PPA and its regional offices, including the supply and rental of color and black-and-white multifunction devices.

Outtasking - local IT support for Slovenský plynárenský priemysel

Services provision includes a central helpdesk, local support for users' end-devices at the level of HW, OS and office SW, third-party SW, and anti-virus programs.

Outsourcing of end-devices for ING Životná poisťovňa

Provision of services that include complete management of users' end-devices at the OS level, office, insurance software, anti-virus programs, service support for printers and local LAN / WAN networks.

Services outsourcing for Philip Morris

Support of end devices based on the client's requirements, proactive control of the device's functionality and solution of possible problems, hardware installation, performing security checks, and appropriate corrections.

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