HB Reavis, international workspace provider, uses Dynamics 365 Finance

The continuous building of large projects requires the coordination and connection of many entities - and technologies can significantly help in this process. Read how HB Reavis uses the Dynamics 365 information system. 


Customer profile

HB Reavis is an international provider of workspaces, operating on the international real estate market for almost 30 years. 

HB Reavis focuses on the construction of office buildings in six European countries. Its portfolio includes projects such as Varso Place, the tallest office building in the EU, located in Warsaw, Poland; One Waterloo in London; and the iconic Niva Shopping Centre in Bratislava with its underground bus terminal.  

Implementation 2021

Due to Microsoft terminating the support of the existing AX 2009 system, we were looking for a suitable solution for the period that followed. Upon researching the possibilities, we decided to upgrade to a new version of the system from the same manufacturer. At the same time, we took the opportunity to streamline support for existing processes and expand system functionalities.

Karol Michaliak


Initial situation and project goals

HB Reavis decided to upgrade the original AX 2009 system to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, which includes the management of more than 230 subsidiaries in six countries across Europe. 

The main expectations of the project were the simplification of intercompany processes, and the consolidation and support of statutory statements – throughout the entire group and in all countries. Another aim was to redesign the chart of accounts for easier (more optimal) BI data evaluation. The main part of the project consisted of modifying the billing module within real estate management. An indispensable aspect was the need to implement support for electronic communication with banks in all countries where the group operates. Equally important was the necessary integration with internal systems, all in an on-premise environment. 


  • Simplification of the consolidation process 
  • Unified system for all companies in the group 
  • Universal interface for other applications to enter and exit the information system 
  • Optimization of the invoicing process for lease and sublease agreements 

Description of the solution

The new solution complies with all standards. It meets all processes in finance and accounting with the support of bank and cash ledgers. In all countries, the system supports electronic communication with banks to increase the speed of controlling. Dynamics 365 Finance supports statutory reports in all implemented countries. These were the main requirements for this area. The system is also interconnected with other internal systems. 

Intercompany processes 
The new solution significantly supported the interconnection of all (more than 230) subsidiaries across Europe. Time-consuming invoicing and reporting are now under control and unified. The implementation of the system also simplified consolidation, according to IFRS standards for the overall assessment of the group. 

Register of contacts 
Many suppliers and customers across Europe place great emphasis on preventing duplications in systems. The new solution limits this, thanks to a unified data platform that is connected to all external applications. 

Real estate management 
One of the requirements of the project was the simplification of invoicing processes, and maximum automation in the management of lease and sublease agreements. The aim of this was to speed up the invoicing process and reduce the number of necessary actions. 

Used technologies

  • Dynamics 365 Finance 
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 
  • Tailored integration middleware  
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