The Central Slovak Water Supply uses artificial intelligence to solve cyber threats

The Central Slovak Water Supply Company uses artificial intelligence with IBM QRadar technologies to solve cyber threats.

Citizen portal for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

It is the beginning of the digital transformation of public administration, where end-users can access the state's electronic services from anywhere, anytime.

Security and remote administration of thousands of mobile facilities at the Census 2021

As part of the Census 2021, AUTOCONT also implemented part of the central control of the commissioners' devices as a service. IBM MaaS360 technology was used to manage and secure 10 000 devices.

The HQS system is a pillar of success for the best KIA factory in the world

The main task and benefit of the HQS system is to assign the right employee to the right job position and its effective rotation taking into account the actual work skills and other parameters.

Viability study and elimination analysis of ATPT risks for Slovnaft a.s.

AutoCont provided comprehensive material to assess the project viability of the feasibility of the rail tanker loading, including its benefits, but also possible risks and limitations, work schedule, implementation, and budget.

Electronic services in MS AZURE for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

The solution Citizens Portal provides the possibility of central access to national electronic services. With the combination of eID cards, it comes to a real start of the public administration's digital transformation. 

IT services outsourcing for AGC Glass Europe

The company AGC received a comprehensive solution of project requirements by integrating operating support and having transparent costs for IT management, antivirus system, and Office 365 environment.

The conception of using Office 365 in Meopta-Optika company

The company started to use the Office 365 tools fully, the optimal way of cooperation in teams and naming and understanding the main benefits of each role was set.

Ensuring restaurants' IT service and introducing The McDonald's self-service kiosks

Increasing customers' maximal comfort by replacing the cash desks with self-service kiosks minimized possible negative impacts of human factors. All changes were implemented during full operation and with minimal errors.

Increasing production efficiency and planning precision in Schwan Cosmetics CR

Gradual minimalization of influence occurrence and impact in production, impacts detection, more precise planning of following stages, and keeping the know-how inside the company when employees leave.

Increasing cybersecurity at the University Hospital Hradec Králové

Enhancing awareness, registration, risk management, and performing the legislation requirements for cybersecurity. Elaboration and visualization of security events in real-time, audit log storage with long retention.

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